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My name is David Joseph Salls.  I am a red-seal cabinetmaker, finish carpenter, and designer from Vancouver Canada.


Frequently asked questions

Where do I start with my project?

It starts with your budget and a design. Schematic drawings and specifications are required for estimates. It starts with drawings drafted by David Joseph Interiors or a designer of your choosing.

How much will my project cost?

Custom projects are all unique. I can present drawings and costs of past projects for reference upon request, and estimates when drawings are produced.

What is the David Joseph Interiors process?

We start with a call, meeting, or email conversation to determine the needs of your project. We will create a 3D schematic drawing to communicate your design, then provide quotation for your consideration, and move forward if the quotation is to your liking. This process is free of charge. You can also purchase drawings for tender to forward onto other companies if you wish to do so.

What is your experience?

I grew up in a construction family and have been in and around woodworking and architecture my whole life. I have been producing millwork and millwork designs for over 20 years with specialized producers of various sizes and my own independent workshop. I have studied interior design, project management, and have a joiner/cabinet-maker red seal certification.

Do you work outside of Vancouver or Canada?

Yes, I have participated in several out of town/ country projects, some remotely and some in person, and enjoy doing so.